VIDEO - The Narrows - All for one: storia di 5 giorni selvaggi

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Quattro rider e una natura selvaggia. Una storia di un weekend in sella. Come capita a molti di noi. La Mtb è tutta qui: godersi le uscite, condividere il divertimento con i propri amici, stupirsi dei soliti sentieri come di quelli magnifici che si scoprono per caso, alzare la polvere e fermarsi solo per bere o mangiare qualcosa insieme.
E' quanto hanno fatto Logan Peat, Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson e Kyle Norbraten in questo filmato realizzato per Sram, The Narrows - All for One, solo che hanno scelto una location non proprio a portata di mano e decisamente poco frequentata...
Tutti e quattro utilizzano l'X01 che si candida a diventare la trasmissione tuttofare per eccellenza, ma il video parla di amicizia, di single track, di pesca e della magnificenza della natura.
Prendetevi 10 minuti per salire in sella con loro...

Ecco di seguito il racconto originale di uno dei quattro rider, Logan Peat, salito a bordo del battello all'ultimo momento, e nella galleria fotografica le immagini di Adrian Marcoux che raccontano questi cinque giorni di riding.

The Narrows – All For One

I had barely even had a chance to catch my breath from a contest trip in the U.S. when I got back to the Sunshine Coast and met up with my good friends from the Coastal Crew. They were getting ready to leave for Narrows Inlet that same evening, on a trip that would be one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. Norbs gave me all the details - they had picked out this insane location in a secluded ocean inlet. Barges and boats were all lined up for bikes, dirt bikes, their truck, and five days worth of food and beer. It sounded unbelievable and I couldn’t help but be jealous of this adventure they were about to embark on. Next thing I knew, Norbs added that there was an extra spot available on the trip and it had my name all over it. The boat was leaving in three hours and I went straight into scramble mode. I enjoy a hectic lifestyle filled with unexpected adventures and it was a rush to pick the pieces up and pull them together so quickly. Coming off my last trip and heading straight onto a boat destined for the BC wilderness with the best crew ever, our bikes and a thirst for an adventure that would end up delivering memories sure to a last a lifetime was the best possible scenario for me to recharge. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us over the next few days.
The Coast always seems to surprise and this day is no different. Today finds us exploring just one small fork in the road but has us realize how far the land and the sea can take us. Standing on the bridge between these two mystery worlds gives a true feeling of what-if and what’s next. We witness a little of the unknown everyday and in our case you can never get to the end, all we can do is open our arms and take it in. Finding a balance in what the dark, vast ocean inlet can give you, and the gargantuan rain forest (we call home) can offer – Endless adventure.


I grew up on the water, swimming, fishing or just boating around. I have this strong connection with water - a curiosity of what is lying beneath the dark glassy surface. The inlet was no exception. Art, owner of Tooznie Outdoor Adventures Lodge, could see my love for fishing and was nice enough to take me out one morning. Art is one of a kind; he is a hard working, good guy with the best sense of humor. He would always set the mood right by cracking off jokes first thing every morning. It was the final day of the trip, when we got up bright and early to hopefully hunt down a lunker. Art has the best knowledge of the area and I was spoiled to get the goods on our twenty-minute boat ride in the first mornings’ light. When we arrived at Art’s honey hole, I was giddy with excitement. I was given the low down on how to get the big ones in the boat. Art explained it wasn’t about brute strength, but more a game of finesse. The boat was sitting in a hundred feet deep or more when Art let me know, this was the spot. I dropped my live shiner with a four-ounce weight down to the depths. Once my rig got to the bottom it was only two seconds before I felt that familiar bite on the end of my line. When I set the hook, instantly I knew it was big and the look on my face alerted Art of the same. I played the finesse game all the way to the top. Gaining line, to have the fish just take it back. Slowly but surely I worked him to the surface where Art gaffed the big Lingcod and dragged it aboard. My jaw dropped when I finally got my eyes on the fish, followed by that satisfying fish slimy handshake with Art.


When we dropped-in to the deep dark depths of the lush forest, we could only begin to see what has been saved for a lucky few. We slowly massaged, and in some cases - violently shaped some of the most natural flowing terrain into one of the most exciting trails to-date. We pushed our trail bikes into a perpetually perfect speed to carve berms and make those tranny’s we could see in the distance. The words from the boat stayed with me…
«It’s not about brute strength it’s about finesse».
So, I tried damn hard not to over think our adventure and keep it simple. I think the boys did too and all week we just pushed further and took full advantage of being out there, in the wild making new unforgettable memories that would last a lifetime.
Logan Peat

We can push, we can try, but knowing we will never-ever get to the end of this unique and mysterious landscape keeps us unsatisfied and wondering how far we can wander.


What you will see in the video and photos is the account of an unforgettable trip, a unique combination of amazing days of riding, searching, exploring, fishing and soaking every bit of life in.

The crew

Kyle Norbraten

Dylan Dunkerton

Curtis Robinson

Nic Genovese

Aaron Laroque

Tom Zurawski

Adrian Marcoux

Davie Van Hoesen

Art Giroux

The location

Tzoonie Camp up the Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast
remote ocean inlet level camp surrounded by coastal mountain
no road access – only access via boat, heli/ float plane
camp is made up of a group of mini cabins, open kitchen, oyster shack, and creek to keep beer cold – also docks, tied up house boat

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